Our People

Our People

Liila Hass
is a naturopath, yoga teacher and meditator, with over 30 years’ experience teaching yoga, meditation and natural living.  She has travelled the globe extensively, working and living in many places, and shares her passion for health and well-being with those around her.  She is thrilled to be the founder of Oneness World Travel and to offer tours and retreats to those seeking adventure, personal transformation, wellness and cultural exchange. Her mission is to create a beautiful, life-changing experience for each and every participant.

Fabiana Silveiraa professional Adventure Sports instructor from the Azores (part of a chain of islands in the mid-Atlantic region belonging to Portugal), has worked for an international ski school in Switzerland, is a certified yoga teacher, a meditation and Reiki practitioner, and a volunteer with disadvantaged children and elderly in Malta.  Her upbringing in the beauty of the Azores, along with travels to Asia and other countries, have brought her in contact with Mother Nature, and she hopes to share what she gained from this experience with others, as well as to help people connect with the elements present within themselves.  The only path, she believes, is to look inside and explore the unknown. “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung 

Rob Blakers
has travelled and photographed in Tasmania’s wild places for 40 years, enjoying the benefits of yoga and meditation in nature throughout that time. He is a passionate advocate for wilderness and is interested in the synchronicity of the immersive arts/meditation experience.

Arundhati Bilge. Born in Istanbul to a family of yoga practitioners, Arundhati took up formal yoga training at a young age. She is featured in the book, “Cure Yourself with Yoga”, written by Ac. Hiranmayananda Avt., and has a degree in sociology as well as training in Ayurvdedic health practices. She has worked with at-risk adolescents, refugees and juvenile delinquents, using yoga therapy and other treatments. She has been teaching yoga since 2002, including training other yoga teachers, and has a background in a form of Indian classical music known as Dhurpad. She brings to her tours a life-long knowledge of Turkey’s history and natural places, as well as skills in yoga therapy and teaching.

Debbie Wiznar. Originally from Australia, Debbie has been coming to India since 2009, first as a tourist and since 2016 as a more permanent resident. She spends half the year in Jaipur and half the year in her native Australia. Debiie is a naturally curious person, and this keeps her interested in what is around the next corner. Debbie loves India, and will be the main guide for the Jaipur region during the 2019 tour. She looks very much forward to meeting everyone on the tour.

Jyoshna La Trobe (PhD), an ethnomusicologist who specialises in sacred songs and chants (kiirtans) of Rarh, India, is also a musician and has composed and recorded over 30 of her own albums. Dr. La Trobe gained her PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, in 2010, and still continues to document, perform with and support the musicians of Rarh.  Her work is recognised by the British Library, where she houses her own collection (C1121) in the World Music Archives. Dr. La Trobe gives workshops and performances worldwide, working collaboratively with local musicians wherever she goes.

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