India: The Golden Triangle and Beyond – Jan 2025

Our upcoming India tour features a special visit to the golden triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur), starting approximately January 5th 2025. This includes visiting the famous Akshardham temple of Delhi, considered “the eighth wonder of the world”, Agra’s Taj Mahal, a visit to Vrindavan, a taste of Bollywood, a visit to children’s homes, optional ayurvedic massage, and experiencing authentic Indian cuisine, blue pottery, jewelry and other shopping, block printing classes and textile manufacturers in Jaipur, nature hikes, optional cricket matches, and more.

For those who can stay longer, the tour will continue across country to the western horn of West Bengal, for a special tour of Rahr, one of the planet’s most ancient civilisations. We will visit the villages of the Purulia district, known for their unique architecture and way of life, and will stop in to see social service projects, visit spiritual hotspots of some of the planet’s great mystics, and experience local music, culture and dance. During this time, we will chat with some of the yogis and mystics of the area and have a chance to find out about Rarh’s unique history and significance.

We will then head to Kolkata to tour this modern-day city, visiting Mother Theresa’s famous orphanage, the Marble Palace, the popular New Market and more.

The tour includes optional morning yoga and meditation classes.

The tour will finish approximately January 21st, with departure from Subhash Chandra Bose airport, Kolkata.

Tour Options

  • 10 days: $2,500.00 USD
  • 17 days: $3,900.00 USD

These fees cover all accommodation, domestic transport, tourist spots,  during the dates of the tour.

What is not included

  • Overseas and domestic travel to the starting point (Delhi).
  • India visa.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Food
  • Expenditures for amenities (beyond those organised by the tour).
  • Purchases of items along the way.
  • Other goods and services not mentioned within the itinerary.

The itinerary will be up online shortly! Watch this space!

nishitaIndia: The Golden Triangle and Beyond – Jan 2025
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Tasmania – March 2026

Tasmania is a place of magical contrasts and the smallest Australian state. On one small island are found rainforests, snow-capped mountains, wild rivers, islands off islands, fertile farmlands and empty, long, white sandy beaches.

Join us beginning of March 2026, for adventures beyond your wildest dreams, with local food, interesting culture, abundant wildlife, wilderness galore, yoga, meditation, photography shoots with one of Tasmania’s most renowned wilderness photographers, and more.

More details soon.

nishitaTasmania – March 2026
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Rarh Culture and Music – April 2026

Join professional musician and ethnomusicologist Dr. Jyoshna La Trobe, along with Sanjay Mahato, Village Headman, for a once-in-a-lifetime introduction to the music-culture and customs of Rarh, east India.

This spiritually-charged land, lying between the Chota Nagpur Plateau on the West and the Ganges Delta on the East, has been home to some of the world’s greatest saints and mystics, including Shiva, Krsna, Mahavir and others.

Now known for its beautiful adobe villages, unique dance and music heritage, astounding cultural and spiritual history and ancient Tantric traditions, it is a land like no other and offers a most fascinating view into the heart of ancient India.

Under the tutelage of tour guides, participants will experience a week like no other and will emerge with a new understanding of music, dance and the mystic life of the oldest remaining culture on earth.

Tour April 2026

Each day tour leaders will guide you highlight one or more aspect of the dynamic colourful music culture of Rarh, India, including:

  • Performances given of the Bauls or ancient Tantrik mystic songs and dances.
  • Experience the masked dance of the ancient warrior or Chhau.
  • Visit Chorida the Chhau mask makers village, and participate in making your own incredible Chhau mask.
  • Experience the ecstatic music and dance of kiirtan groups or ‘praise songs and dance’
  • Experience the ancient Shiva Gajan Festival with all its rituals, dance and music.
  • Experience life in a tribal village, with local arts and crafts in the making.
  • Visit the ancient Shiva temples in Rarh, in Purulia and its surrounds.

What is not included

  • Overseas and domestic travel to the starting point (Delhi).
  • India visa.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Any extra food or expenditures for amenities, beyond those organised by the tour.
  • Purchases of items along the way.
  • Other goods and services not mentioned within the itinerary.

To download the itinerary and for more information, click here.

nishitaRarh Culture and Music – April 2026
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Yoga Holiday in Turkey – Oct 2025

This tour starts with three magical days in Istanbul, visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, and including a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus, a stop at the Topkapi Palace and old spice bazaars and more.

This will be followed by a ferry trip to Yalova for a special three-day yoga retreat in Sugoren Village, and then a short trip to Iznik, a world heritage centre and important historical landmark, and home of the largest lake in the Marmara area.

We will then fly to Cappadocia, known for its unusual architecture, hot air balloon tours and “fairy chimney” rock formations.  From there, the tour continues onward to Kas, a beautiful seaside town on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey. This is the site of the ancient ruins of Antiphellos and the home of the stunning Kaputaş Beach.  From Kas, the tour will continue to Kekova by ferry, stopping on the way for swimming and picnics, and finish back in Istanbul for a final evening with the best of the local nightlife.

nishitaYoga Holiday in Turkey – Oct 2025
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